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QOTW: Will you be upgrading to Intel X99?

by Parm Mann on 29 August 2014, 20:00

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Intel doesn't pay enough attention to enthusiast platforms. Overclockers have been given the hard shoulder, and with this pointless insistence on low-power components, Chipzilla just hasn't given power users the tools they crave.

At least, that's the argument that enthusiasts have been making in recent years. Perhaps there's some validity to those claims, but Intel hasn't forgotten about the enthusiast space and has today returned with gusto by launching a trio of Haswell-E processors alongside feature-packed X99 motherboards from a multitude of partners and cutting-edge DDR4 memory. At the top of the tree is the company's first eight-core, 16-thread consumer processor - the Core i7-5960X - a blockbuster chip that shatters CPU-centric benchmarks and commands a lofty price tag of $999.

We'll have in-depth reviews of that very chip and an array of supporting components throughout the evening, but now's the time to pass the microphone to you, the readers, for you to have your say.

Will you be upgrading to Intel X99? Let us know your reasons for or against using the comments facility below, and if you have decided to make the jump, we'd love to know which platform you're migrating from.

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Core i7-5820K has a decent price,but i guess pc users wont replace the 4770k/4790k with this one.
the speed and the TDP doesnt make it to appealing for an average pc user,maybe for pros in image industry ,i would not like the noise of cooling these monsters.
YES. It is time for my i7-920 to retire.

Too expensive for me.
Dont need the cores.
DDR4 is expensive and probably performs about the same/worse than high speed DDR3 right now.

TO be honest, unless games suddenly need more than a mainstream i7, i dont see myself ever be upgrading to the HEDT platform.
I'd certainly like to replace my ageing i5-2500K with an i7-5820K and experience the joys of DDR4, but my wallet says no.
DDR4 was one of my checklists for upgrading from my 950, so maybe, just waiting for it to mature a bit, like a good cheese.