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QOTW: Do you overclock?

by Parm Mann on 30 April 2021, 16:31

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Overclocking is something we see a lot less of these days at HEXUS HQ. Is it a sign of an industry-wide shift?

We look back with fond memories of cranking-up the dial on certain components way back when - overclocking a mid-range part to try and replicate pricier high-end alternatives used to be the norm, and quite often achievable - but these days such gains seem to be out of reach.

Many-core CPUs don't bode particularly well for overclocking - ramping-up the all-core multiplier tends to lead to a lower single-core boost - and the latest GPUs tend not to show a great amount of headroom. Add to that an increased awareness of energy efficiency and scarce component availability, and you do have to wonder, do many folk still bother to push their components above and beyond the factory spec?

To help some shed light, this week's question asks: do you overclock? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Not since getting my Ryzen! I use to heavily overclock my old ivy bridge (3570k) as I got about 30% more performance. With the Ryzen I've barely got anything extra other than heat (and therefore noise). Its not like I've even taxed the 3600 to more than 50% usage!

I just don't think the need is there anymore unless you enjoy it as a hobby. The days of easy free performance are gone thanks to automatic clocking boosting being so well tuned. You do better just letting it do its thing 90% of the time. (You can spend a fortune on a decent cooler but why not just buy a faster chip!)
Not any more - all my current pc's are now Ryzen based and it makes real to no difference to me. Much more important for other parts of the system like storage and boot drives and memory
Nah, heat is the enemy in a compact ITX build, don't need any more of it! :)
Nah, Ryzen 5800x run at stock and a 3090 currently underclocked till I can find and afford EKB's new wartercooling for both sides of it!
I don't need to anymore, modern CPUs and GPUs are fast enough to be left alone to do their own thing, most of them boost in some form. Memory wise, it's just a case of setting a profile.