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QOTW: Have you pre-ordered AMD Ryzen?

by Parm Mann on 24 February 2017, 16:31


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The build-up to AMD's eagerly anticipated Zen architecture has been full of hype, hope and expectation, and now, finally, the wait is almost over. Three Ryzen processors have officially been announced, and the chips are heading to stores alongside a plethora of supporting AM4 motherboards in time for a hard launch on March 2nd.

Exciting times for AMD's legion of fans, or indeed, any PC enthusiast who understands the need for a competitive marketplace. Promising to shake things up, the first three Ryzen 7 products - the 1800X, 1700X and 1700 - are all eight-core, 16-thread parts touting potent multi-threaded capabilities at a considerably lower cost than any current Intel alternative.

But given AMD's recent track record it's no surprise that a few doubts still linger, and the decision to open pre-orders prior to the review NDA data has only served to accentuate those raised eyebrows. This could be a pivotal moment, so to gauge the mood among AMD's target audience our question of the week is simply: have you pre-ordered Ryzen?

Whether you're on the fence or you've already made the jump, let us know using the comments facility below, and if you're weighing up your options, a complete range of Ryzen products are now available for your perusal at Scan Computers.

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Leap of faith? Hell, no.

Firstly, the ones I'm interested in aren't likely to be among initial supplies. Second, I'm not in any hurry so am certainly not paying eary-adopter premiums. I'll wait for competitive pressures to kick in. Third, I want to see some in-depth testing and be aware of potentual pitfalls and gotchas first.

So no. Some other person can be adventurous and jump straight in the deep end. I'll let them test for for sharks.
No as I am more than happy with my current X99 system.

But yes I am hoping that AMD has got it right with these chips, we need more competition.
No! but i'm kicking my self for buying Intel 7700k arrghh Whyyyyyyyy but then again Ryzen 1700x is near enough the same price as the Intel 7700k when it came out. The Asus Maximus Hero motherboard is the same price as the Intel Version. Overall cost wise its only what Ā£25 give or take. I like the fact these are very good & better at Multi threaded applications. Maybe I can win a AMD Ryzen from the Hexus competitions.
No. I need to see some more gaming benchmarks first. My current i5 4670K will do for now.
Pre-order a completely unknown quantity that'll release whether I do so or not?

That would just be foolish.