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QOTW: How many fans are inside your PC?

by Parm Mann on 26 March 2021, 16:31

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Has the number of fans within our PCs slowly crept up over the years?

The last system in for review came equipped with a whopping 11 fans, but our initial surprise subsided on the realisation that our very own AMD Ryzen test platforms contain no fewer than 10. That's three on the radiator, three on the chassis, three on the graphics card and another on the power supply.

In stark contrast, my personal PC, used primarily for work, has just four; a front intake, a rear exhaust, one on the CPU cooler and one on the power supply. How does your desktop compare? Count 'em up and let us know using the comments facility below.

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11 if we include the 3 on the GPU and the 1 on the PSU
Used to be 12 (2 on the gpu) in an old thermaltake mozart tx case ….. upgraded to a newer corsair r110 and it's now 8 including the 2 on the gpu.

I have to say that my old case was so much better than the corsair temp wise and sound wise also and would still use it now if it wasn't the size of a vending machine.
5, I think

1x 140mm roof exhaust fan
1x GPU fan
2x CPU fans (push/pull through a Black Ridge)
1x PSU fan
Too many, 11. Now that I though about it that's bad.

4 case fans
2 fans per CPU
1 PSU fan

3x 200mm case cases
2x 140mm on cpu radiator
1x ram cooler (cam with the kit so why not)
1x GPU fan
1x PSU fan