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In Win Mod in Taiwan: vote for your favourites now

by HEXUS Staff on 31 May 2016, 09:30

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The In Win Mod in Taiwan competition has now come to a close, as Sunday evening marked the end of 24 gruelling hours of cutting, grinding and painting, all in the name of trying to produce the best looking version of the new In Win 509 chassis.

All eight teams worked fast and hard, and the result is an octet of great looking cases. As we mentioned before, the modders are competing for three prizes, two of which will be selected in part by a public voting session that's open now and will remain open until midday on Friday June 3 – that's in Taiwan time, so for UK users it will be 5am on the same day.

Below, we've got photos of the finished builds for all eight teams, and a link to where you can vote for your own favourites. The modders certainly pulled out all the stops – each case has been extensively modded, with water-cooling systems including gorgeous hardline tubing, external radiators, painted panels, metal and acrylic work, vertical graphics cards, RGB LEDs and LED screens being just some of the things you'll see featured in one place or another. That this was all achieved in just 24 hours of modding time is truly remarkable, and testament to the talent In Win managed to assemble in Taoyuan.

Team 1, BSMods (USA)

Team 2, Team Mongoose (USA)

Team 3, Modded by Frenchies (France)

Team 4, Running with Scissors (UK)

Team 5, Babetech (Germany)

Team 6, Team Down Under (Australia)

Team 7, SMPC Modding (Sweden)

Team 8, KuN MOD (China)

As we said, picking a favourite isn't easy. Nonetheless, once you've made up your mind you can cast your vote by following this link. Online voting accounts for 30 percent of the total scores, with the remainder coming from votes cast by In Win, its partners, media such as ourselves and on-site attendees of Computex, where each of the mods will be displayed.

Our personal favourites are the builds by SMPC Modding, Running with Scissors and KuN MOD. While these cases do not have quite the level of external modifications as some others, they all have great attention to detail and look very neat on the inside, something which always floats our boat. We'd love to hear whether you agree or disagree with our choices.

All that remains now is to thank In Win for all its effort in organising Mod in Taiwan, and for inviting us to join them for the event.

In Win Mod in Taiwan: click here to place your vote.

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ok, these are the blue-peter stickyback plastic and loo rolls entries, where are the real ones?