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Antec set to unleash four 'new' chassis this winter

by Tarinder Sandhu on 19 October 2007, 11:14

Tags: Antec

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Fusion Max

Antec's PR was keen to point out that home theatre-based chassis are enjoying tremendous sales growth in the last couple of years. Harvesting that growth entails releasing cutting-edge designs that are both practical and, frankly, look the business.

The 'full-size' 4U Fusion Max is Antec's premium HTPC chassis and features a sexy aluminium front that resembles expensive hi-fi. There's a VFD display to the right, a built-in IR receiver just below, and volume knob to the left. A drop-down cover exposes the full gamut of connectivity options, including FireWire and eSATA.

Looking inwards, the three-chamber design effectively separates the PSU, HDD area and motherboard. We like the fact that Antec continues to use silicon grommets to reduce noise and has invested in dust filters for both the 140mm exhaust and 120mm side-exhaust fans.

The chassis can house a regular ATX motherboard and a high-end graphics card once the drive-cage is removed, too.

A closer look at the area shows what Antec terms a CPU air-guide that can be repositioned to ensure that in-case airflow is optimised.

No word on pricing and we note that no PSU will be provided with the Fusion Max. This chassis, we note, is up against some stiff and sexy competition in this sector.