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  • Review: HEXUS PSU (Power Supply Unit) Roundup - Taoyuan 2005

    23 September 2005, 00:00

    The vast majority of the ATX 2.0 supplies tested, and ATX 2.0 is what you should be buying these days, will comfortably power a current high-end system without any issues ...

  • Review: AOpen EZ18-120 SFF System

    27 September 2004, 00:00

    We\'ve yet to see a perfect SFF system. AOpen does a lot of things right with the EZ18 - it also does a few things, subjectively speaking, wrong. Worth a ...

  • Review: AOpen Aeolus GeForce 6800 GT 256MB

    10 August 2004, 00:00

    You have two choices when evaluating which next-generation card to purchase. Firstly, given a budget of around Ā£300, you must choose between ATI\'s Radeon X800 PRO and NVIDIA\'s GeForce 6800 ...

  • Review: AOpen Aeolus 6800 Ultra DVD256(E)

    26 July 2004, 00:00

    If the best of the best is what you're looking for, the Aeolus's no-nonsense approach translated into a keen price, makes the performance, features, image quality and noise seem very ...

  • Review: AOpen AK86-L K8T800 S754 Motherboard

    26 March 2004, 00:00

    If evaluated in context of its intended pricing structure the AOpen AK86-L deserves to be included on at least a shortlist of boards. It doesn't particularly excel in any one ...

  • Review: AOpen Aeolus GeForce FX5900XT 128MB

    24 February 2004, 00:00

    Our final thoughts are simple. NVIDIA's done a good job in ensuring that a midrange GPU has true top-end performance clout. AOpen hasn't seized the opportunity with both hands. The ...

  • Review: AOpen Aeolus GeForceFX 5950 Ultra

    28 November 2003, 00:00

    It\'s quiet, nView 3.0 is excellent, the 2D quality was the best I\'ve ever seen in isolation using my Sony G400 monitor and it should be comparatively cheap. Radeon 9800XT\'s ...

  • Review: Aopen Ax3S

    27 October 2000, 00:00

    Intel motherboards had been having a hard time in the world of home system builders recently...

  • Review: AOpen Hx08

    20 July 2000, 00:00

    For all you who don't need lots of ventilation, but need a lot of room for HDD's, CD-ROM's, DVD etc, this case is absolutely recommended.