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BBX no more as RIM renames OS BlackBerry 10

by Steven Williamson on 8 December 2011, 13:15

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BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion (RIM) has been forced by a federal judge to change the name of its next-gen mobile operating system due to the brand already being trademarked by a New Mexico-based software company.

Following the announcement of BBX by RIM less than two months ago, BASIS International filed a trademark infringement case claiming that its respective "BBX products are highly related and target the same class of consumers, that is, business application software developers."

In a statement released today, RIM makes no mention of the court order, but does reveal the brand new name for the operating system. BlackBerry 10 will now be "the official name of the next generation platform that will power future BlackBerry smartphones," reads the statement. “The BlackBerry 10 name reflects the significance of the new platform and will leverage the global strength of the BlackBerry brand while also aligning perfectly with RIM’s device branding.”

BBX out, BlackBerry 10 in

The new operating system is part of RIM's strategy to refresh the brand to catch up with smartphone market leaders Apple and Android. As demonstrated on the Blackberry Playbook, the QNX-based Blackberry 10 OS supports Blackberry cloud services and a variety of applications including native SDK, Adobe AIR / Flash and WebWorks/HTML5. BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps in Blackberry 10-based tablets and smartphones will be made available on upcoming devices.

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Was I the only one that presumed BBX stood for BlackBerry 10 (X being 10 in roman numerals) ?
I think it was pretty obvious, although they only changed it due to trademark infringement…….each time I have seen BBX recently I thought “I've seen that TLA somewhere else before…”

The funny thing is, I don't think it was this Basis software….it was somewhere else…odd…..you know I am thinking it might have been the name of some old dial-up bulletin board software from the early 90s…. :shocked2:
Couldn't they have changed it to BBOSX? :D
I think they should have something radical like called it… redberry