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Review: Pursuit Force - PSP

by Nick Haywood on 8 November 2005, 00:07

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), Racing

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Pursuit Force puts you in the role of a young cop assigned to a newly created Police unit called, unsurprisingly, the Pursuit Force. You’re tasked with taking on the highly dangerous gangs and crimelords that are running amok in the city, making life miserable for everyone else. The normal cops can handle the city fine, it’s the freeways that have become a lawless area with the gangs using them as their private roads to get to and from their big jobs and it’s up to you to stop them.

What follows is a game obviously inspired by just about every chase scene and shootout in cinematic history with a few thrown in from the TV for measure too. Uniquely Bigbig have opted to give us far more than the usual race and chase cops and robbers type driving game…To spice things up a bit, Bigbig have given you the ability to leap from vehicle to vehicle with one push of a button, deftly landing on your selected vehicle to either deal with the bad guys and commandeer it or just commandeer it if yours is too badly shot up. Now note I said vehicle here as you’re not just limited to cars… you can leap from a car to a motorbike and then from there to a motorboat (if there’s a river next to the road with a boat on it, of course) Or how about from a motorbike to a seeding truck, or a bullion van or another car, a jeep, a bus or just about anything on the road?

Now in practise this is far less complicated than it sounds as there’s a handy icon displayed when you’re in position to make a jump if you want to, so you can still concentrate on the driving and leave the game to worry about positioning before you hit the button to make the jump. Once you’ve landed on the enemy vehicle you’ve then got to deal with the bad guys driving it and this is where the ON vehicle combat comes in. To avoid getting shot you can take evasive action, hanging yourself Indiana Jones stylee off the side of the vehicles out of the line of fire, ready to pop back up when it looks like it’ll be safe.

Once the bad guys are dealt with you can take over their car and also take over any weapons they were carrying before to landed on their bonnet. This is the only way to get weapons and adds a great tactical twist as you might find the Uzi great for taking out bikes but useless against the truck… so hop over to the jeep and get yerself a much healthier car and the shotgun it was carrying too…