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Review: Pursuit Force - PSP

by Nick Haywood on 8 November 2005, 00:07

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), Racing

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Pursuit Force – PSP

Not so long ago we gave you a Hands On Preview of Sony and Bigbig’s Pursuit Force, so if you missed it I thoroughly recommend popping over and have a quick read, it’ll fill you in nicely. For those of you that are too lazy, have already read it or have just read it but have the memory span of a goldfish, I’ll give you a brief run down of the basic idea…

The guys at Bigbig are huge action movie fans… so much so that they got to wondering just why no-one had bothered to make a game that pretty much centred around one of the most exciting scenes in any action movie, the chase sequence. Of course, just haring after bad guys in cars has been done already… but the movies do much more than just have the hero chase bad dudes whilst maintaining a perfect quiff and causing mayhem on the streets… yes, they have gun fights… and stunts… and huge explosions and all sorts of cool stuff that we never see in games at the same pace that we see in the movies… Which is where Pursuit Force comes in, tosses the keys onto the table and tips a nod to the hotrod parked out front…