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Review: Sonic the Hedgehog - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 19 January 2007, 12:43

Tags: Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega (TYO:6460), PC, Xbox 360, PS2, DS, PS3, Wii, Action/Adventure

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Run over a hedgehog, it will be more fun

In the world of 3D gaming, Sonic just doesn’t do it for us. We spent a large chunk of the game falling or crashing to our death, the colourful visuals gave us an aching pain right between our eyes and the repetitively annoying soundtrack grated on us. Fans of the series will still love the fast paced action and the rail-grinding, sliding and homing attacks, but will probably turn their noses up at the slow paced sections where you play as Silver, the glitches and the feeling of not being in control of the speedy hedgehog. It feels as though the developers have almost tried too hard to create something different to the original Sonic, by allowing the switching of characters and creating an RPG style town where you can talk to NPCs, but they have neglected to stabilise the control system, sort out the un-forgiveable camera issues and have lost touch with one important factor, Sonic the Hedgehog is supposed to be fun!

The most impressive thing about Sonic the Hedgehog is that we didn’t experience any slowdown despite the frantic pace.

Sonic used to be fun and addictive. The next-gen version is bland,forgettable and frustrating. We think it's time that the furry blue mammal either went back to his roots or hung up his speed boots for good. The sad thing is that Sonic has been in the shops for a couple of months yet it still has a price tag of £40.


Poor controls
Shoddy graphics
Frustrating camera movements

You'd have more fun running over a hedgehog.

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Got the same feeling from the demo, was hoping it was just a work in progress and that the camera would be fixed :(. Guess not…
Got the same feeling from the demo, was hoping it was just a work in progress and that the camera would be fixed :(. Guess not…

Shame, it's just pure laziness. It could have been brilliant, but it's just been rushed and sooo frustrating.
worst game ive played on the 360 by a mile
Shame really, I did enjoy Sonic on the dreamcast :)
a sad day in deed, im still going to buy it i can accept it. i need to see it for my self.