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Review: Call Of Duty 2 - PC

by Nick Haywood on 9 November 2005, 09:28

Tags: Call Of Duty 2, Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI), PC, Xbox, GameCube, PS2, FPS

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Call Of Duty 2

”Give me suppressing fire then take the second squad and flank right!” – Nick Haywood makes the weekly shop at ASDA more interesting…

Righty then, we could start this off with rattling on about the original Call Of Duty, or the expansion pack, United Offensive, or games of the same ilk like Medal Of Honour or Brothers in Arms… But I won’t for the plain and simple reason that if you don’t know what Call Of Duty 2 is about you soon will and it’s predecessor was such a massive hit that unless you’ve been living on a remote island for 60 years thinking the war is still on there’s no way of not knowing about it.

So Activision and developers Infinity Ward have got a bit of task on their hands after the superb original and the equally good expansion pack. After all, Call Of Duty was arguably the best World War 2 based shooter out there, adding a touch more realism and grittyness to Medal Of Honour’s more arcadey approach and throwing in cracking war film inspired missions to boot. The United Offensive expansion pack was pretty much a digital version of the excellent Band Of Brothers TV series and was just a good. So after two great releases and its time for a full sequel and the big concern is whether Infinity Ward have made the effort to give us a decent game or just decided to give us more of the same and cash in on the fame of the title…

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