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Review: PlayStation Move

by Steven Williamson on 27 September 2010, 13:23

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS3

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Out of the box...easy set-up

There’s been some confusion initially over what exactly you need to buy to make PlayStation Move work. First up, you need the PlayStation Eye camera. Secondly, you need the Move controller. And finally, you need a game that is compatible with Move. You can buy a navigation controller, charging stations and other peripherals separately but none of them are required to play Move.

That means you'll want to opt for one of the following:

PlayStation Move Controller - RRP £34.99, or

PlayStation Move: Starter Pack (includes Motion Controller + Eye Camera) - RRP £49.99

Some stores are also bundling the PlayStation Move compatible, Start The Party or Sports Champions as part of another bundle.

Note: We are reviewing the Move controller only.

Out of the box and set-up
In the box you get the PlayStation Move controller, a set-up manual and a wrist strap. The Move controller is wireless so it needs to be charged via USB before you can use it. It’s a little stingy on Sony's part that it made the decision not to include a USB charge lead, but as long as you have a standard, official wireless controller already you should have the mini- USB lead that came with it. Alternatively, you can buy a Charging Station separately...ker-ching!

Set up is simple, but you won’t be able to play Move immediately out of the box. You plug the USB lead into the base of the controller and the other end into the PS3. After approximately 2 hours of charging Move’s built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery (though the manual states it takes 5 hours) , it's ready to use and from that first charge we’ve managed to get approximately 9 hours worth of usuage before the battery has worn down. It’s a shame that the mini-USB lead that comes with your controller isn’t long enough to allow you to use Move while charging, but you could always invest in a longer lead.

Next up, you need to have your PlayStation Eye plugged into a USB slot on your PS3 and then place it centrally on top or below your TV. In the manual you're told to set the camera to wide angle view which you do so by twisting the lens so that it is in line with the blue marker on the camera. We experienced no problems during set-up at all and after charging and turning the Move controller on we could immediately wave it in front of the camera and it's movements were picked up on screen; no need to calibrate.

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