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Kinect Sports revealed - It's like Wii Sports without the controllers!

by Steven Williamson on 14 June 2010, 19:42

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), FPS

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Casual gaming fans rejoice, one of Kinect's first games will be a Wii Sports-type clone. Revealed at E3 this evening, Kinect Sports will feature bowling and boxing, alongside the likes of volleyball, table tennis and soccer games.

The big draw for this game, however, is the fact that no controllers will be needed!

If it rakes in the sales that Wii Sports did, Microsoft will be laughing all the way to the bank. It won't matter if it's rubbish!

The Kinect Sports reveal was followed by the announcement of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, a new Kinect-enabled game/lifestyle product that will be able to provide feedback on every part of your body.

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They could at least have given some semblance of attempting originality…
Why change something that obviously works? People who like Wii sports but have no Wii will love this.