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New Wii snooker game gets cattle prodding periperheral

by Steven Williamson on 19 May 2008, 09:55

Tags: Koch Media, Sports

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The latest crazy peripheral for Wii, hoping to bring the gaming experience to life, is a cue add-on for the upcoming World Snooker Championship game for Wii.

Publisher Koch Media claim that the new peripheral will "allow you to take the shot more accurately than ever before". That may be the case, but it certainly doesn't look like a snooker cue, it looks more like a cattle prod or some sort of surgical instrument.

The cue is just one part of the developer's attempt to try and make snooker feel a bit sexier and more appealing. Blade Interactive has another trick up its sleeve with a new technology called Infinite Worlds that apparently makes the players look life-like and allows you to take a virtual walk around the set.

The YouTube video shows the cue in action.

I think someone's been drinking far too much snooker loopy juice.

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lol thats awful, a pointless attachment at the end to help poke some ones eye out.
lol thats awful, a pointless attachment at the end to help poke some ones eye out.

Yeah, it looks horrid and you just swing it in the air anyway. I don't get it at all.
Suppose that if it didn't work on the snooker game when the next Olympic stylee game comes out it could always be used as a javelin.
You could always use that for toasting marshmellows on the open fire when camping :)

I can see in a few years people having cupboards of attachments for all their games they've aquired for the Wii. Having add-ons is good, but when there is 1 for each and every type of game thats starting to appear it's getting crazy.