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Wii balance board unstable?

by Steven Williamson on 4 March 2008, 18:12

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If you slip on Wii Fit, you know where to turn...

Wii Fit has yet to launch in Europe, so we have no idea whether this accessory will be necessary, yet one manufacturer has designed a peripheral to add extra stability, just to save you from slipping off it and breaking your neck on the Wii balance board.

GR8 Gaming has designed a silicone covering that slips over the balance board to give you that extra grip. It sports dimples to make sure your feet grip firmly to the board.

It also has a rechargeable battery pack, which will come in handy if you don’t fancy buying the 4 AAA batteries that the official board will need.

We’re yet to try out the balance board, so we have no idea if it even needs such an accessory, nevertheless GR8 Gaming will be there if you do slip up!

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Is that air/nothingness in the gaps around the board but inside the bag?

A cat mat would be better!