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Digital PS3 games and DLC now in GAME stores

by Steven Williamson on 15 August 2011, 11:06

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Starting today, videogames retailer GAME and GameStation will be the first European reatiler to sell downloadable PS3 titles, downloadable content and PS Plus subscriptions in store.

As part of a new agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, GAME will push forward with its digital strategy and roll-out the new scheme to 42 of its stores across the U.K. By the end of September, the retailing giant plans to have PS3 digital content available in 620 stores across the country.

Ian Shepherd, GAME Group CEO said “This is a significant step forward in our digital strategy. For the first time, gamers will be able to browse a wide range of digital titles for the PlayStation Network in our stores, alongside a variety of other digital and physical products. This is important because it offers customers more choice, more advice and more control than they can get online. Our partnership with SCEE means that we can offer customers an unbeatable range and great value across all the gaming channels.”

Over 50 titles will be available by mid-September. Current titles, available today, include MAG, Wipeout Fury and the Killzone Steel Rain Map pack.