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Jack Thompson hopes to stop distribution of ManHunt 2 in UK - Wii, PSP, PS2

by Steven Williamson on 26 February 2007, 13:07

Tags: Manhunt 2, Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), PS2, PSP, Wii, Action/Adventure

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Well known US attorney and activist Jack Thompson, more recently made famous for trying to claim $246 million worth of damages from Take-Two after he claimed that two teenagers accused of committing homicide were inspired by Grand Theft Auto III, is about to take up a new case.

The subject of his attention this time around will be ManHunt 2. The following post is allegedly from a Man Hunt forum:

"Miami attorney and anti-violent video game activist Jack Thompson has been asked by individuals in the United Kingdom to help stop the distribution of Take-Two / Rockstar's hyperviolent video game Manhunt 2 in that country due out this summer. The game will feature stealth murder and torture. The last version allowed suffocation of victims with plastic bags.

The original Manhunt was responsible for the bludgeoning death of a British youth by his friend who obsessively played the game. The killer used a hammer just as in the game he played. Take-Two / Rockstar, anticipating the firestorm of criticism with the release of the murder simulator sequel, is lying to the public on both sides of the pond in stating this week that the game had nothing to do with the murder.

Take-Two is also stating that the sun does not rise in the east because Take-Two makes no money from its rising in the east. Take-Two has been repeatedly found in the U.S. by the federal government to be guilty of fraud, so what would one expect it to say.

Jack Thompson has agreed to this request from the U.K. Look for this effort to begin shortly given the summer of 2007 release date."
Thompson has also campaigned, unsuccessfully, against the sale of Bully and Mortal Kombat : Armageddon.

Generally well recieved by critics, ManHunt created a media frenzy on release, was banned in several countries and was blamed by media as a cause in a murder investigation, despite police stating it was not connected in any way.

ManHunt 2 is just the latest game in a long line of apparently violent video games to receive criticism before they've been released.

Source :: TVG

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Thank goodness our children shall be safe once again.
You know what video games do influence us in the real world. I planted a car into a lampost once for trying to take the same line I would in Gran Turismo. Should the game be banned? No, I shouldn't have been such a wally in my nissan sunny thinking it was a skyline :)
I thought he'd been disbarred (or what ever the term is)?

btw. Link in article takes you to main message board instead of this thread.
did anyone actually play the first one?
More will now.