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LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy announced

by Nick Haywood on 13 February 2006, 09:13

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A sequel there is. Made by the original developers it will be.

A new game LucasArts have announced. Based on the original three films they are. Developed by Traveller’s Tales they will be.

Alright, I can’t keep the Yoda stuff up any longer. So TT and LucasArts have announced LEGO Star Wars II, which isn’t surprising given the success of the first game.

Focusing on the action in the original first three films, LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy will see you battle it our onboard Princess Leia’s blockade runner all the way through to the fleet battle around the new Death Star above Endor.

It’s not just a new load of levels, claim TT and LucasArts, with plenty of cool new stuff for the gamer. There’s going to be controllable vehicles and creatures that players can drive or dismount from at any time as well as a character customization thing in the new Free Play mode so you can mix and match body parts for your own unique hero.

Also, on some systems, a saved game from the original LEGO Star Wars will unlock another 56 additional character for the Free Play mode, bringing the total to over 100.

Said Jim Ward, President of LucasArts:

"Whether it was your first gaming experience or you've played everything released since Pong, the first LEGO Star Wars was one of those rare video games that everyone enjoyed. With LEGO Star Wars II, LucasArts is working with TT Games and Traveller's Tales not only to set players loose through the original three chapters of the Star Wars Saga, but also to make this feel like the true sequel our fans have been clamoring for."