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Steam Next Fest features 700 playable demos

by Mark Tyson on 17 June 2021, 12:11

Tags: Valve

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Valve's Steam store has kicked off its latest festival of demos today. Dubbed Steam Next Fest, the event will 'celebrate' hundreds of upcoming games over the coming week, which you can download and test for yourself, for free. The official Steam Blog says that there are "over 700 demos for the newest upcoming games across every genre," so there is a lot to digest here.

So, the Steam Next Fest is now live, and you can visit the official sale site associated with this event to see what's happening. At that site you will see a broadcast schedule at the top of the page, followed by any highlighted titles from your wish list in the event, and then a highlight grid of the games titles participating in the event. Thankfully it is easy to narrow down this grid list by genre, sub-genre, visuals/viewpoint, themes, features, and players (see above, I've selected a sci-fi theme). This is important as a list of 700 new games is rather overwhelming.

Helpfully, as well as the introductory showreel, embedded above, Valve has prepared highlight videos for all the major genres. Below is a video focussed on new Strategy games, but you can click the following links to watch action in highlighted titles in ; RPG, Puzzle, Platformer, Adventure, and Action genres.

Steam's Next Feast ends on Tuesday, 22nd June at 10am PT (6pm in the UK on that day). If you find any outstanding new titles, please share them with other HEXUS readers in the comments.

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Indie games vs AAA games

Indie games often or most of the time offer better value than AAA.
Very interesting selection of games. Wish I had a machine to try them on
I found a few that I'm watching, and a couple for which I grabbed the demos. Will hopefully try out in the next week or so.
oh yes, lets just ignore the 200 unplayed games already in library and grab some more :D
I've managed to try The Immortal Mayor demo.

Albeit not for much more than half an hour before my laptop heated up to a furnace.

Pretty good as city builders go. It has a whiff of Banished in there.
The world looks great, and the population just gets on with things. There's no micro managing of all the people.
There's a tech tree to get on with and an interesting Dynasty element to it.

It's well rounded but some text is still in Chinese so there's a bit of translation to be finished.

Added to my wishlist