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Steam Winter Sale 2019 and Steam Awards voting commences

by Mark Tyson on 20 December 2019, 10:11

Tags: Valve, Epic Games

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Valve opened the virtual doors on its Steam Winter Sale 2019 a few hours ago. The sale runs from now until Thursday 2nd January (at 10am PST). In addition to the games and games franchises at discount prices, there will be the usual sales events for deeper discounts, and attempts to get you more involved in the event. This time around Valve hopes to catch your attention and more £$s with its holiday quests and festivity tokens. Last but not least, voting on the Steam Awards commences.

To get a low down on what is on offer in the sale, it's best to simply point your browser at the Steam Home Page or open up your Steam app, which will already be on your PC if you are a regular user of the store. Once there you will find headlining and tailored offers, which usually alter during duration of the sale. Games such as Call of Duty WWII (£17.99), Red Dead Redemption II (£43.99), and Sekiro; Shadows Die Twice (£32.43), and various franchise discounts were highlighted in a browser where I wasn't logged in.

While shopping on Steam over the festive period you will earn the so called Festivity Tokens. Further tokens can be reaped by completing holiday quests. Current quests are things like joining a group chat room, waking a wishlist, or even watching a Yule log burning broadcast (reward = 100 tokens per task).

Games purchasers make 132 tokens for every £1 they spend too. Once you have gathered a hefty sack full of tokens you can use them to get stuff like new chat stickers, chat room effects, emoticons, profile backgrounds, badges and the like. Perhaps most importantly, a collection of 5,000 tokens can be converted to £3.80 credit in the store. If you buy a £38 game you will earn 5,016 tokens, so in effect you would get a 10 per cent voucher back on your purchase.

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2019

At the start of the week HEXUS reported upon the 12 days of free games at the Epic Games Store, and that event started yesterday. Due to the US/UK time differences the first free game is still available up until 4pm GMT today: Into the Breach.

As well as the freebies, Epic has started its Holiday Sale 2019 (ends 1st January). The sale features games at up to 75 per cent off. A new kind of promotion utilised by Epic is its "endless" $10 coupons. For any game you purchase at $14.99 or more you will become eligible for a $10 coupon. What's more, Epic is giving you the first coupon up-front to get you started. Coupons earned during the sale period can be used up until 1st May 2020.

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Gosh Epic are throwing money at their store! To be honest I haven't bought a single game since I got game pass ultimate so it not going to start me shopping there.
Red Dead for £34 via the epic £10 voucher is cheapest it's been I think.
I picked up Anno 1800 for £17.49 with the voucher, bargain