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Nintendo 3DS launch date and price revealed

by Steven Williamson on 13 January 2011, 16:33

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Information regarding the launch date and price of Nintendo's new handheld console, the 3DS,has been leaked ahead of the official press event in Amsterdam on January 19th.

Nintendo is expected to reveal the information at the press event, but MCV has caught hold of the news early, confirming that the console will arrive in the UK around the 25, March 2011 and will cost somewhere in the region of £200-£230. However, we'll still have to wait till the 19th until full clarification of the exact price and date.

The handheld device will be the successor to the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL, and will introduce a major new feature; 3D visuals without the need for 3D glasses. The 3DS will also sport a 3.53 inch widescreen LCD display that supports a 800x240 pixel resolution and will be backwards compatible with games from older models.

Source - MCV

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£200! I was expecting it to be pricer than a DS XL but ouch - After all the main targets of this device are kids and older people who don't normally play games. Saying that can't wait to see one in the flash and see how well it works!
^ Err, I know -many- DS owners who do not fall into the category of ‘kids and older people who don’t normally play games' (myself included). The strong yen probably isn't helping either. Though I wonder if it's the first time for Nintendo portable console to be more expensive than the home console.
I think I will wait for the “Lite/3Di/XL/” version before I get one:)

Just saw this: Disassembled Nintendo 3DS
The downside is £200 is the best case scenario.