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Must-Have Xbox Titles Now Available At a Great Value Price

LONDON, 24th March 2003 – Finished Splinter Cell? Need a break from Mech Assaulting on Xbox Live? Have some holes in your XboxÔ collection that need filling?

Xbox has made it even easier to assemble the ultimate collection of Xbox must-haves with the launch of their new Xbox Classics range, making killer games like Dead or Alive III and Project Gotham Racing available at a great value price - €29.99/£19.99 (estimated retail price). The Xbox Classics Range will be launching on 11th April 2003.

“We're very excited about the launch of our new Classics range,” said Michel Cassius, Senior Director of Xbox Platform & Marketing, EMEA. “These best-selling titles are now available at a price that’s hard to refuse – it’s a great opportunity for even more Xbox gamers to add to their collections.”

“To qualify for the Xbox Classics Range, the selected games must have been best sellers and been on the market for at least nine months.

The initial line-up of the Xbox Classics range includes:

· Amped™: Freestyle Snowboarding (Microsoft Game Studios)
· Dead or Alive III (Microsoft Game Studios)
· Max Payne (Take-Two/Rockstar)
· Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee (Microsoft Game Studios)
· Project Gotham Racing (Microsoft Game Studios)
· Rallisport Challenge (Microsoft Game Studios)
· Spiderman (Activision)
· Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (Activision)
· Wreckless (Activision)
· Moto GP (THQ)
· Crash Bandicoot (Vivendi Universal)
· Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Electronic Arts)
· James Bond: Agent Under Fire (Electronic Arts)
· Burnout (Acclaim Entertainment)

SSX Tricky (Electronic Arts) is another title to join the Xbox Classics range in April 2003 and other titles will be added to the Xbox Classics range on an ongoing basis over time. The Xbox Classics Range titles can be identified by special packaging, with the original game artwork leveraged within a white border.