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Volkswagen Of America to advertise on the PSP

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Volkswagen Of America to advertise on the PSP

29HD Network announced today that Volkswagen of America is the first automotive advertiser to integrate TV spots for its new Passat launch into unique video for direct download and playback on a Sony PSP.

The 29Guide is the largest provider of direct to PSP video downloads via a wireless connection. With WIFI and PSP web browser, a PSP owner can directly browse 29Guide's library of specially encoded video for direct download to their PSP and playback. (www.29hdnetwork.com/pspdirect/ or alternately www.29guide.com if browsing from a PC for PSP videos or as a direct video feed in Sony's official PSP Media Manager) 29Guide's content focuses on the areas of unique film, music and lifestyle oriented video.

29guide is a premier broadband portal & guide and delivers an audience much sought after by advertisers; the 25-35, educated, affluent metro, suburban broadband connected. This difficult to reach audience is spending less time watching traditional television and significantly more time with alternate forms of media such as the internet, iPods and Sony PSP.

Being on the cutting edge of electronic communications isn't new for Volkswagen of America. Six years ago, Volkswagen launched the exclusive New Beetle online buying program with two special edition vehicles that were only available through online ordering. Since then Volkswagen has been committed to programs like the "VW Drive-in", "Radio VW" and the "Pods Unite" campaign (buy a New Beetle, get an iPod), that have allowed Volkswagen customers to experience the brand's personality through unique channels. Todd Riley, New Media and Interactive Marketing Manager for Volkswagen of America says, "Our customers are technologically smart, and we want to be there with them as they experience what's next." "We love the rapid pace of new challenges and opportunities and have invested a lot to get our customers' attention in this space, we don't plan to let them down any time soon", Riley adds.

Ninan Kurien of 29HD Network said "PSP owners are primarily using their handheld as a video playback device. The PSP user's appetite for video is huge. They are hungry, actively searching for unique, smart, intriguing content for playback on their PSP. 29Guide is satisfying that need."

Beyond Interactive, Volkswagen's Interactive agency of record, is a prime driver in helping VW reach its core targeted audiences in unique and powerful ways. Beyond Interactive's VP, Media Director, Rory O'Connor said, "Engaging tech-savvy audiences via new devices and platforms is one of Beyond's greatest competencies, and working within the PSP environment on Volkswagen's behalf is a great opportunity for all parties involved. In this case, we're advertising the Passat's advanced features to an audience that can appreciate attention to technological detail."

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