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SEGA releases Total War: Eras for DVD-ROM

Tags: Sega (TYO:6460), Strategy

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SEGA Europe Ltd and SEGA America Inc., today announced the launch of Total War: Eras for DVD-ROM. Scheduled for release on June 30th 2006 in Europe (25th July in America), Total War: Eras is the ultimate collectors item for any Total War or strategy fan.

Total War: Eras includes every currently available Total War game: Shogun: Total War with the Mongol Invasion Expansion Pack, Medieval: Total War with the Viking Invasion Expansion Pack and Rome: Total War with both the Barbarian Invasion and Alexander packs. All of these outstanding products make up one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful PC real-time strategy franchises ever.

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“Total War is synonymous with some truly groundbreaking titles,” commented Matt Woodley, Creative Director of SEGA. “Each new game in the series has been a milestone in the real-time strategy genre. This is the first time each of the games and their expansion packs have been available as a collected works and represents excellent value.”

Total War: Eras will feature exclusive limited edition content, including “The Total War Story”, a 40-minute documentary detailing the past, present and future of the Total War series, featuring exclusive interviews, game footage and discussion of Medieval II. Speaking of Medieval II, there’ll be exclusive preview material for Medieval II: Total War, including a poster, screenshots and artwork. But the goodies don’t stop there, you’ll also get an art booklet plucked from the Creative Assembly archives detailing the creation and evolution of the Total War series as well as a glossy A2 poster for Medieval II: Total War and five art cards covering the whole Total War series.

Total War: Eras is set for release on 30th June 2006 across Europe, exclusively for the DVD-ROM.

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