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DS2 presents the future of home networking at CES

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2006 International CES
DS2 presents the future of home networking at CES

Worldwide leaders in powerline communications to demonstrate latest networking innovations and advances - Samsung, AMD, Corinex and ST&T to Display DS2 Technologies at CES

LAS VEGAS --(Business Wire)-- Jan. 3, 2006 Bringing the future of home entertainment to the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show, Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2) will showcase its award-winning 200Mbps powerline communications (PLC) technology at CES with a live networking demo. Designed to show the power of PLC today, the DS2 "home" will use the powerline network to transmit bandwidth-intensive applications, such as IPTV, video on demand (VOD), HDTV and VoIP to everyday consumer electronics appliances. Additionally, Samsung, AMD, Corinex and ST&T will feature DS2 technology in their home networking displays.

"DS2 is the first company to deliver on the promise of PLC, and our demonstration at CES proves that our technology transmits high-quality entertainment content over existing home wiring systems today," said Jorge Blasco, president and CEO, DS2. "Many consumer electronics manufacturers in several parts of the world are already testing and installing our technology because PLC solves many of the problems that plague other home networking solutions, such as quality-of-service or bandwidth requirements."

Visitors to the DS2 booth will view and experience content from VOD streams, two HDTV channels, two VoIP terminals and four standard TV channels, all running simultaneously over the same PLC network with outstanding QoS levels. A full range of DSS9XXX-based chips will power PLC applications on consumer electronics devices from Acbel, AMD, Ascom, Corinex, Digital Deck, Elcon, Espial, Mitsubishi, Pace, Samsung, Schneider Electric, Sumitomo, Suniwell, ST&T and Toyocom.

Visitors to the AMD BOOTH #30374 will test a unique TV viewing concept -- streaming on-line and locally-stored content from Dual Core AMD Desktop PC to a remote set-top box developed by Futarque.

Samsung BOOTH #110033 will demonstrate a complete Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-based home network running on embedded DS2 PLC technology. With the embedded DS2 chipsets, the Samsung electronics network, which includes two separate computers, an on-network camera and a Wi-Fi network extension, will automatically transfer content at rates up to 200Mbps as soon as they are plugged into the wall. One of the PCs on display is a Home Media Center, which will stream video to the 56-inch Network DTV (DLP) over PLC. A networked DVD with hard drive will stream video to the DTV over PLC. In addition to showcasing streaming HDTV content, the camera, Wi-Fi router and PC will demonstrate an in-home security system.

An "IPTV over powerlines demo" using Corinex AV200 Powerline technology will be on display at the Corinex BOOTH #26824. In addition, Corinex will showcase its newest AV200 products including Corinex's AV200 Wall Mount; AV200 Router; AV200 CableLAN Router; MDU Gateway (using AV200 technology) and a Medium Voltage Access Gateway (using AV200 technology) will also be on display.

At the Las Vegas Hilton, ST&T BOOTH #60060 will present their latest product, the M20 Powerline Ethernet Bridge. Using DS2's 200Mbps technology, this is the world's first wall-mount design adapter supporting video, audio streaming, and Internet access over existing power lines. It is the only technology that simultaneously distributes IPTV multimedia, gaming, audio streaming, VoIP, IP camera, and file transfer while maintaining quality of service.

The large variety of vendors with interoperable products already in volume production and displayed at several booths at the CES confirms the leadership of DS2's 200Mbps technology, for BPL-Access and for In-Home Consumers Electronics and Data Networks.

About Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2)
DS2 is the world's leading supplier of the 200Mbps technology that enables home networking and broadband access over power line, coaxial cable, and telephone wire. DS2 pioneered the industry with the introduction of its 200Mbps chipsets, creating the fastest,and highest performance solution for simultaneous data, digital audio and high-definition video transmission. Two pre-eminent industry groups, the Universal Powerline Association (UPA) and the European Union consortium OPERA (Open PLC European Research Alliance) have adopted DS2 technology in support of multi-vendor standard certified product. For more information, please visit