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Linux Gaming

by Jo Shields on 4 March 2005, 00:00

Tags: Linux

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Linux - A Gamer OS?

Well, Linux certainly isn't most peoples' thought for a games-based PC. Especially one being taken to a big tournament LAN party. However, by design or trickery, none of the tournament games at the event were out-of-bounds to my Linux machine, and rousing games of Call of Duty, Quake 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004 were shared by the collective and any other gamers who felt like joining in.

Intel Bloodline LAN
My little penguin oasis at Bloodline

Linux can offer a rich 3D gaming experience to those who want it. When the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo appeared, I wasted many an hour playing Onslaught online - and on the same machine, the faster loading times of the Linux version offered a genuine advantage in the crucial first few seconds of a match (allowing me to thieve the Manta on ONS-Torlan from slower-loading Windows teammates).

Linux has proper 3D support - at Bloodline I was equipped with a GeForce 6800. Linux is 100% compatible with your £50 Pro Gamer mouse mat, ultra-high precision mouse, and £40 21” refurbished monitor. Linux runs Doom 3 and Half-Life 2. Linux has some decent gaming websites, and even its own forthcoming LAN party. So really, what's so strange about gaming with Linux?

Bloodline LAN: Linux desktop
Text consoles. As good as it gets under Linux?