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Linux Gaming

by Jo Shields on 4 March 2005, 00:00

Tags: Linux

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Getting lost in Acton, with two suitcases full of expensive kit, in the dark, isn't fun. Especially when you've been carrying the heavy kit about on the train and tube for an hour and a half. However, that is how I, with my expert navigational skills, found myself at 10 PM on Friday night, headed for the Intel Bloodline LAN somewhere in the local area. I teamed up with forum regular mgh0 who had just arrived at a nearby tube stop, and with our unerring combined sense of direction, we made it to Black Island Studios, just off the A40.

I was going to Intel/Jolt Bloodline for the proper LAN experience - poor eating, sleeping & hygiene arrangements; a room full of sweaty Counter-Strike players; and playing games into the small hours - but I had one little... eccentricity... to my arrangements:

Tux the Linux mascot w/ Quake 3 rocket launcher. Image from

I was going with a REAL gaming OS.