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Tony Hawk's American SK8Land - DS

by Nick Haywood on 15 September 2005, 00:00

Tags: Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI), Sports

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Tony Hawk's American SK8Land

Tony Hawk's American SK8Land

Designed to take advantage of the Nintendo DS, Tony Hawk's American SK8Land is the first 3D Tony Hawk game for a Nintendo handheld system. Featuring cell-shaded style graphics, players must prove themselves to Tony Hawk and other legendary pros as they undertake hundreds of skating goals set in seven areas of Los Angeles and restore the ultimate skate park, American SK8Land, to its former glory. The game challenges players to complete signature skate tricks that have been made popular by the Tony Hawk franchise, and also includes exclusive features such as wireless online multiplayer, voice in-game and touch-screen capabilities

Two players can go head-to-head via a wireless connection and battle through several modes: Trick Attack, Score Challenge, Combo Mambo, The Price is Wrong, Horse and more. Fans create a handheld Hawk community where they can skate head-to-head against other DS players online, post and download high scores and statistics, as well as replay ghosts, which teach gamers new skate runs, combos and other moves done by others in the WiFi Hawk community. Players can also play against the ghosts.

Players will be able to record voices that replay in the game when players bail, perform a special trick, or clear a gap. A detailed top screen displays the main gameplay, while the bottom screen displays information such as a level map with collectable locations, dialogue, tips and hints. Sk8ers will be able to draw with the DS stylus to customize various game elements. The bottom screen provides a canvas and colour palette, while the top screen shows the finished decal.

Using the touch screen players will be able to pull of special moves. During gameplay the touch screen presents trick slots, which slide in or out depending on whether the skater's special meter is full. Special tricks may be executed when one of the slots is touched. Players can customize their trick slots by assigning tricks from a list available via the skate shop.

If they face plant, players will be able to recover lost combo scores when they bail and win a dramatic speed boost by touching and stopping three pulsing columns as close to the top of the column as possible. The columns will appear on the bottom screen when a gamer bails or the game can be initiated by bringing the skater to a complete stop.

Players will earn money through the story mode and buy new equipment for their custom skate park. More than 1000 different skate park designs are possible using the touch screen based create-a-park editor.

Tony Hawk's American SK8Land is set for an Autumn 2005 release.