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Review: Philips 7FF1AW Digital PhotoFrame

by Bob Crabtree on 10 August 2007, 09:10

Tags: 7FF1AW Digital PhotoFrame, Philips (AMS:PHIA)

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Philips says that the 7FF1AW is plug & play compatible with Windows 2000/XP or later and also Linux and Mac OS X or later.

We had no problems under XP and found the 7FF1AW easy to use. It's been well thought out and also offers many useful features. Crucially, it delivers where it really counts - picture quality - and looks to be one of the top performers in its size category.

It's been a real pleasure over the last few weeks, randomly glancing up from my PC and seeing photos I have barely looked at since I took them.

I have almost 7,000 pictures on hard disk and thousands more in albums that I could scan. With the Philips photo frame, some of these have finally seen the light of day. Many others will follow once I buy a photo frame and that's something that I definitely will be doing.

But will the Philips 7FF1AW be on my short-list? Yes, absolutely.

HEXUS Awards

The Philips 7FF1AW delivers great picture quality and is easy to use. Although it's not cheap, it's available at a fair price for the features it offers.

It fully merits a HEXUS Recommended award and that may be upgraded further after we've looked at other comparable products.

HEXUS Labs : Media Recommended award
Philips 7FF1AW/05

HEXUS Where2Buy

Amazon UK - £130 - including VAT and free delivery

HEXUS Right2Reply

At, we invite the companies whose products we test to comment on our articles. If Philips chooses to respond, we'll publish its commentary here verbatim.

You, too, can have your say, of course. Drive over to the to share your thoughts on this review and on electronic photo frames generally.

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Philips Digital PhotoFrame home page
Philips 7FF1AW/05 FAQ page
Philips 7FF1AW/05 manual-download page

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Got my girlfriend one of these a whileback (I believe John Lewis + coupon worked out to be the cheapest at the time).

On her HP laptop (XP Pro), no matter if I use the software on the CD or the latest version on the web, it just doesn't pick the device up. The software isn't great, but afaik it rescales photos to fit the max res of the screen which is ideal for fitting as many as possible on there.

Instead, I have to use it as removable storage. It works fine, but for the life of me couldn't get the Philips software to work :(