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Review: Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1

by David Ross on 10 February 2005, 00:00

Tags: Klipsch

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If I had to sum up the GMX A-2.1 in a single sentence, it would most likely be 'One of the best sets of stereo speakers I've ever heard'. For audio from two-channel sources, it's hard to imagine Klipsch's offering being beaten (particularly in the price range in question), the entire listening experience is an absolute pleasure and is genuinely all but impossible to fault. Be it CD or MP3, almost every track I listened to was given a new lease of life by the rich and colourful sound produced, it's the kind of experience that makes you want to revisit every corner of your music collection.

The choice is slightly trickier in the fields of DVD and gaming - Gamers in particular will doubtless be clamouring for a multi-channel system over any 2.1 speaker set, and with good reason. Sound reproduction is excellent in games with these speakers, but the lack of positional audio will doubtless frustrate the hardcore gamers. A similar story could be said of DVD playback, although multi-channel sound isn't such a matter of life and death to most, and to be honest the sheer quality of the sonic experience on offer here is almost enough to make up for the loss of 5.1 output. It's simply a matter of personal preference.

For anyone focusing on getting good stereo sound from their equipment (be it PC or HiFi), I really can't recommend taking a look at Klipsch's offering here highly enough - Stunning sound at a stunning price, pure and simple. If these speakers look like your cup of tea, Scan have been signed up as exclusive distributors for the initial release of the ProMedia GMX A-2.1 in the UK, where they will be available at the fantastic price of Ā£99 including VAT.


Brilliant sound quality
Nice looking
Well thought-out, sturdy design


Only 2.1 audio


Klipsch for the sample