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Dell Mini 3 announced for China and Brazil

by Sylvie Barak on 16 November 2009, 09:20

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Mini Me

The Android explosion continues this week as Dell announces that its Mini 3 Smartphone - launching soon in China and Brazil - will sport Google's mobile operating system.

The world's number three PC maker released precious few other details about its new device, saying those would come "on a partner-by-partner basis when devices are available in stores," which to all intents and purposes looks to be by the end of this year.

China mobile and Claro will be carrying Dell's flagship smartphone, quite a coup, as both carriers boast a significant number of customers. China mobile alone has 500 million and says it plans to release devices from other manufacturers running Android too.

The Dell-o-phone also runs on the Marvell OPhone platform and will be marketed for the consumer market rather than for enterprise.

Dell is not saying when its smartphones might find their way into other international markets, but there are whisperings the Mini 3 could make its debut in the US on AT&T's network at some point next year. A spokesperson for the computer maker didn't confirm or deny that but did say Dell had a "global strategy" when it came to smartphones.

Entering the US market would be no picnic, however, as the smartphone space is already jam packed full of very competent veterans like Apple, RIM, Nokia, HTC and Palm.

On the subject of Palm, the firm's shares were trading significantly higher in the US on Friday due to both anticipation for the launch of its Pixi webOS handset and a rumoured potential takeover by Nokia.

The rumours seem to be just that - rumours, but there's clearly some buzz out there, so we'll stay tuned and bring you any more news as it develops.

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