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Ryanair considers free journeys for those willing to stand

by Parm Mann on 7 July 2009, 12:34

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Irish low-cost airline Ryanair, which has previously toyed with the idea of charging passengers to use in-flight restrooms, is now looking into a proposal that could see planes produced with additional standing room.

A Ryanair spokesperson has confirmed that the airline is in "very preliminary" talks with Boeing in regards to removing a number of rows of seats to make room for people to lean on bar-like stools - each equipped with strapping for use during take off or landing.

According to a report by The Sun, Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary is seeking approval from the Irish Aviation Authority. Should he get the go ahead, passengers opting to stand could be offered tickets for 50 per cent less, or in some cases free of charge.

Ryanair states that standing tickets would apply only on short-haul flights of under one hour and 30 minutes. It adds that the proposal would allow for a greater number of passengers, as well as reduced costs.

Earlier this year, Chinese airline Spring announced similar plans, and Ryanair CEO O'Leary believes standing passengers is a natural progression for the airline industry. Speaking to Sky News, he had this to say:

We might take out the last five or six rows and say to passengers "Do you want to stand up? If you do you can travel for free."

Why is this any different to what happens on trains where you see thousands of people who cannot get a seat standing in the isles, and it happens regularly on the Underground.

Would you be willing to stand for a cheaper flight, or is Ryanair taking the no-frills approach too far? Share your thoughts in the forums.

In related news, Ryanair, following talks with the Office of Fair Trading, has promised to provider a clearer indication of optional charges to customers after numerous complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.

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What's next for Ryanair? Only 2 items of worn clothing on board per passenger? No heavy shoes?

Maybe if you offer the fly the plane yourself you get a discount?

They might start charging for oxygen next.
“We are encountering turbulence, please sit down and fasten your seatbelt.. oh, wait a minute..”
So Ryanair are thinking about “free” flights, eh? You'll probably find that the flight is free, but they charge £130 rent on the stool and strap for take off and landing. Plus £30 to get of the plane.

I've seen so many marketing antics from Ryanair that I regard as simply deceitful that I wouldn't fly Ryanair if they paid me to go.

If they're proposing “free” flights, I'll bet me boots they'll be catches, extras, severe limitations and surcharges, so you're £0.01p flight ends up costing you £80, or whatever. But “free”? I just don't believe it.
yes its free apart from the booking fee that is £190 oh and you have to stand in bare feet on broken glass, no blinking, you have a set amount of oxygen and you can't sit on the toilet

oh yes and if you have over size 6 feet you have to pay twice as much on the bookng fee.
What amuses me about ryanair is how they have become such a blatent conn. They where OK about 5 years ago, but now they are more expensive on most routes than the proper airlines.

Same goes with easyjet.

I went on holiday with a friend last year, because of work we where leaving at different times. She booked her flights first with easyjet, i booked my with cityjet. She had to leave from gatwick, City for me (yey!) i had a free breakfast, checked baggage. She had a 3.5 hour delay. My flight cost £20 more return. It cost her £10 to get to gatwick.

I don't get how people still book with them, have they not discovered Kayak or TerminalA?!