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Who will you be backing at Euro 2008?

by Parm Mann on 28 May 2008, 13:59

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It could have been another summer full of hope. We could have been sticking flags to our cars, painting our faces and enjoying a summer of football.

Unfortunately for us all, we'll not be able to watch the painstaking process of being knocked out of a big tournament - this time around, we haven't even qualified.

So, with England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all missing from the 2008 European Championships, who will you be supporting?

The 16 teams to battle it out from June 7th, right up to the final in Vienna on June 29th, are as follows:

Group A   Group B
Czech Republic Austria
Portugal Croatia
Switzerland Germany
Turkey Poland
Group C Group D
France Greece
Netherlands Russia
Italy Spain
Romania Sweden

There's no shortage of great times, with France, Netherlands, Italy and Romania all locked into the "group of death". Surprise European champions, Greece, couldn't do it again, could they? Will Austria or Switzerland be able to make the most of their home advantage? Then there's Portugal and Spain, will the star-studded sides finally prove their worth? Not to mention the always impressive Germany.

Who do you think will be crowned European champions on June 29th? Share your predictions in the HEXUS forums.

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Euro what?

Isn't it all politcal these days anyway? :p
I don't particularly mind, Germany seemed as good a choice as any… :)
I've decided to back Switzerland. I always enjoy a tournament where the underdog wins, and if they can squeeze through Group A, along with Portugal, you never know!
Who will you be backing at Euro 2008?
Who will be crowned champions of Euro 2008?

not quite the same thing :/

hoooowever, because of the Spanish connection at pool now, Spain.
I`ll be supporting torres and the lads :D