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With just five games remaining, who will be crowned Barclays Premier League champions 07/08?

by Parm Mann on 7 April 2008, 09:54

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Man Utd, Chelsea or Arsenal?

The 2007/2008 Barclays Premier League has provided one of the hottest title races in years.

Tightly fought between Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, and on the odd occasion, Liverpool too, the season has been largely neck and neck between the top four. Now, as the season draws to a close, only five fixtures remain for each team to battle to get their hands on the Barclays Premier League title.

On May 11th, some 38 games later, one team will be crowned as champions, but who will it be? Some might argue that Man United's scintillating form will see them through, despite the draw against Borough in yesterdays thrilling encounter.

However, with United having to still play Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham (who always somehow prove tricky), the title is undoubtedly still up for grabs.

In the table below, we've listed the last five fixtures for each of the three would-be champions. With matches still to be played against one another, and tricky away fixtures in plentiful supply, this could be a year when it goes right down to the wire.

Man Utd





Arsenal (home) Sun 13th April, 16:00   Wigan (home) Mon 14th April, 20:00   Man Utd (away) Sun 13th April, 16:00
Blackburn (away) Sat 19th April, 15:00   Everton (away) Thu 17th April, 20:00   Reading (home) Sat 19th April, 12:45
Chelsea (away) Sat 26th April, 15:00   Man Utd (home) Sat 26th April, 15:00   Derby (away) Mon 28th April, 20:00
West Ham (home) Sat 3rd May, 15:00   Newcastle (away) Sat 3rd May, 15:00   Everton (home) Sat 3rd May, 15:00
Wigan (away) Sun 11th May, 15:00   Bolton (home) Sun 11th May, 15:00   Sunderland (away) Sun 11th May, 15:00

The fixture list doesn't make a potential champion any clearer, does it? Well, here at HEXUS we've decided to put our minds at work and predict the results of each game. Gamblers be aware, we can't be held responsible if our predicted results aren't 100% accurate!

Man Utd





Arsenal (home) 2-1 (win)   Wigan (home) 3-1 (win)   Man Utd (away) 1-2 (lose)
Blackburn (away) 2-2 (draw)   Everton (away) 1-0 (lose)   Reading (home) 3-0 (win)
Chelsea (away) 1-2 (lose)   Man Utd (home) 2-1 (win)   Derby (away) 0-4 (win)
West Ham (home) 3-0 (win)   Newcastle (away) 3-3 (draw)   Everton (home) 1-0 (win)
Wigan (away) 0-4 (win)   Bolton (home) 3-0 (win)   Sunderland (away) 1-3 (win)

If our highly debated predictions ring true, here's how the Barclays Premier League will finish up on May 11th:

Man Utd

There you have it, dear readers. HEXUS has spoken and Man Utd are sure-fire bets on winning the title by a three point margin, with Chelsea and Arsenal dropping in close behind in second and third places respectively.

Do you agree or disagree with our predicted results? Share your thoughts in the HEXUS forums.

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surely the only two option here should be:

- The Scum
- Other (I'm delirious)
I dunno, despite our shall we say dubious predictions, it isn't that straight forward for United yet.

Their next three games are all tough. Arsenal, Blackburn (away) and Chelsea. The Arsenal and Chelsea games are by no means certain wins and Blackburn away is always a dodgy game for United. Worst case scenario, that could be lets say two losses and a draw. That'd really shake things up.

Looking at this weekend, if United lose to Arsenal and Chelsea beat Wigan (which isn't inconceivable), then United and Chelsea would be joint top. Then, United have to travel to Stamford Bridge! :surprised:

United are the most likely, taking into account their position and their form. But, football's football, anything could happen yet. :)
My money is on Chelsea. I fancy Arsenal to beat Man U next week.
some goon voted arsenal.. are you lurking j.o.s.h?
some goon voted arsenal.. are you lurking j.o.s.h?

It could be a Chelsea supporter who got lost… ;)