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Online funerals now available in Britain

by Parm Mann on 1 April 2008, 15:32

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£75 to pay your last respects from a distance?

In today's world, relatives and friends are often scattered around the world and should a loved one pass away, attending funerals can be difficult for many.

This is the problem that Wesley Music, a Kettering-based provider of sound solutions for Crematoria, has hoped to have solved by means of pay-per-view funerals.

Using small cameras mounted in chapels across the UK, Wesley Music allows relatives and loves ones the opportunity to pay £75 for a complete funeral webcast. Viewers opting to use the service are provided a password with which they can log on and view a service promised to have no more than a twenty second delay.

"Families are dispersed across the world these days and sometimes it's the case that someone cannot get home in time for a funeral," said Alan Jeffrey, director of Wesley Music.

"For those who need it, this is a very important service. It means that rather than being excluded, they can at least witness and be a part of a funeral as it happens. In a time of stress this is something that can ease the pain."

In addition to the webcast, Wesley Music also offers a DVD recording of funerals at a cost of £50 and sound recordings for £20.

Are you likely to attend a funeral online? Share your thoughts on Wesley Music's service in the HEXUS forums.

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Funerals on YouTube = not good
Steven W;1380997
Funerals on YouTube = not good

Imagine all the “PWND!” comments!

and the “I'd hit the one speaking LOL” ones.
my mates wedding was streamed live on the web but a funeral is going a bit far.
I can just about see the reasoning behind a webcast of a funeral - but buying the DVD!? Who would watch such a thing and when!?