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Booth babes save HEXUS from CeBIT doldrums

by Tarinder Sandhu on 4 March 2008, 22:22


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You're probably as bleary-eyed as us, drowned by voluminous CeBIT 2008 coverage from the first two days.

What better panacea than to look at some of the proper talent on display, right?

Some are hot-as-hell babes, others are genuine company representatives. Which are hotter?

Clickety-click on the images to see them get bigger!

HEXUS CeBIT 2008 coverage

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It's a hard life eh guys?

They are all not bad at all….
What the hell's happened to the tennis-playing woman? It's like somebody's grabbed her forehead and her chin and tried to fold her face…

Cherie Blair Mk2?
To be honest… I don't think they're even all that hot.

Then again maybe that's because of pretty high standards!
Isnt the bottom chick on Corrie?