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Fun stuff: take your PC with you to Starbucks

by Parm Mann on 25 February 2008, 16:29

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Don't have a laptop? Don't worry, your PC will do

Improv Everywhere, carries a motto which simply reads "We Cause Scenes". Created in 2001, it has since performed a variety of stunts and is probably best known for its annual "No Pants" Subway ride in New York city.

Earlier this month, the group decided to go for a change of pace and opted to try a new stunt at a local Starbucks. If you've ever been to a Starbucks yourself, you're probably accustomed to customers taking in their personal laptops to utilise Starbucks' Wi-Fi services. However, what would happen if instead of laptops, you took an age-old giant-size desktop PC - complete with enormous CRT screen?

Well, that's exactly what Improv Everywhere set out to discover when three of its so-called undercover agents took their old computers to a Starbucks. Here's the clip showing us how the mission unfolded:

Surprisingly enough, Starbucks didn't seem to mind at all, and despite a few peculiar looks from other customers, we can see this now catching on. Just be sure to take an older machine, we wouldn't recommend lugging around your dual-socket Skulltrail system.

Read all about Improv Everywhere's latest mission over at

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