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Draw the day away with iSketch - free online Pictionary!

by Parm Mann on 22 February 2008, 12:13

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Warning: iSketch addiction lies ahead

Fans of the Pictionary board game are going to love online website, which allows users to play a web-based alternative to Pictionary completely free of charge!

Though the website has now been in operation since 1999, there's nothing like a little reminder to get people sketching once again.

Users of the website join a game room in which each player takes it in turns to draw a specified word whilst the rest of the room tries to guess. The drawing process however isn't as easy as it seems - it can prove tricky, yet fun, when using a mouse. It's times like these I wish I owned a tablet input device.

Guess other players' drawings, or have them correctly identify your own works of art, and you'll be awarded with points. iSketch is a whole lot of fun, and you'll find it can be mighty addictive - try not to start playing it at work!

As is always the case when playing games online, you will come across those trying to disrupt the enjoyable experience for everybody else. Fortunately, iSketch employs a voting system which allows users to eject any nuisances.

Be advised that iSketch does require Adobe Shockwave and before you get playing, take a moment to flick through iSketch's game rules.

Go forth and sketch at

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Anybody up for making a HEXUS room? :embarrassed:
There are other pretty good sketch online sites like sketchfu, ratemydrawings and