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Football's Premier League considering overseas matches

by Parm Mann on 7 February 2008, 13:20

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Is the Premier League becoming a farce?

The BBC has learnt that at a meeting held in London today, all 20 Premier League teams have agreed a proposal to add an additional 39th game to each Premier League season.

One season currently consists of 38 games, all played in England at venues belonging to clubs within the league. If the Premier League's proposal goes ahead however, a 39th game will be played by all teams at overseas destinations.

Call me sceptical, but could this be one of the worst ideas you've ever heard? According to reports, the 39th game played by all Premier League teams would be held at cities across the world who will be able to bid for the rights to host the matches. Though BBC's sports editor Mihir Bose claims this to be an opportunity "for the Premier League to showcase their product around the world", I believe it to be nothing more than an opportunity for the Premier League and its participating teams to cash-in.

With each of the Premier League teams playing one another twice each season, home and away, it begs the question; who will play who in this 39th game? According to reports, it is believed that the additional fixtures could be determined by a draw. The top five teams however would be seeded and avoid playing against each other.

To make matters worse, it is also believed that this extra 39th game could be the last game of the season for all teams and therefore, it could be the tie that determines who actually wins the league and who gets relegated.

I used to consider football's offside rule to be the most nonsensical component of the sport. If this proposal goes ahead however, we have a new winner. A decision on the proposal isn't expected until the Premier League's annual meeting in June.

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A load of bollocks - why would they all for one random extra match - it wouldn't be fair at all.
“Big SIGH”

What the hell are they doing to our beutiful game, i have visions of waking up one morning and it being called “Soccer” .. do we play with just socks on err no,

Beckham - your punishment for not getting 100 Caps is for calling our nations great game “soccer”

Lets face it the whole things stinks of “SOCCER”
with the last game being played overseas by all teams
I don't know, a game with all the teams in playing at once could be quite amusing.
I don't know, a game with all the teams in playing at once could be quite amusing.

needs extra time multi-ball too :D
It's such a wacky idea!

It'd be far better if they took Premier League sides out of the Carling Cup and put them in a standalone cup to be played overseas. 20 Premier League sides, random draw, knockout format, all games played overseas.

…actually, THAT's a wacky idea! :)