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Livingstones: over-sized pebbles acting as cushions

by Parm Mann on 1 February 2008, 15:10

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Best, cushions, ever!

Most people love cushions, though, I'm more of a bean-bag person myself. Still, I'm already in love with this Livingstones idea from the folk over at smarindesign.

The official description simply reads:

"A high quality, surrealistic set practical as a floor cushion.

Over-sized pebbles, a resting area with varying sizes and shapes that can be arranged according to your mood, for contemporary interiors.

Pebbles as a fanciful landscape for ideal and permanent holidays, which can be transformed into an enjoyable domestic game."

Well, the description doesn't quite do them justice, perhaps some complications there in the French to English translation. Anyhow, who needs a description, just look at them:


Totally cool. The Livingstones were originally designed by Stephanie Marin in 2004 and are made of 100% virgin wool. They're filled with hypoallergenic polysilicone fiber and are available in a variety of pebble-like shades. They even come in indoor and outdoor collections. Hands up, who wants some?

Official website:

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Oh hell yeah!

They look fantastic

Got any info on UK sellers and pricing?
I should get them for my office. I can sleep on them during the day and when people come in I can make it look like I fell over some massive pebbles and knocked my self out!!
They look ace… :)
Funkstar, I'd sent them an e-mail to ask but I haven't heard back from them yet. Will let you know as soon as I hear. :)
They look GREAT! I'm sure my sprog'd love them.