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Chimp beats British Memory Master

by Nick Haywood on 27 January 2008, 13:25

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Will remember stuff for bananas (probably)

Britain's Ben Pridmore, the UK memory champion, is nursing his wounded pride today after suffering defeat in a memory test game against Ayumu, a seven year old chimp from Japan.

According to India, Ayumu was 90% correct in a memory test where random numbers were flashed on a screen for 1/5th of second before being covered up, a bit like one of the games in Nintendo's Brain Training on the DS.

Pridmore sadly only scored 30% accuracy, which means Ayumu gave him a bit of a trouncing.

Sadly for Ben, his defeat is due to be screened on Channel Five's Extraordinary Animals on January 29th.

Cue Jamie Oliver's new series "Get yer kids to eat bananas cos they're wicked, yeah?"

Source: India

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