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Loch Ness monster spotted in Tokyo Bay

by Parm Mann on 25 January 2008, 14:09

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Alright, so it's not THE Loch Ness Monster, but still...

You'll have to excuse my slightly misleading headline, but if you really believed the Loch Ness monster existed, and worse still, made the lengthy journey to Tokyo Bay, then you've got more to worry about than my headlines!

What actually appeared in Tokyo Bay, was a rather spectacular publicity stunt for forthcoming movie The Water Horse.

Rather than stick to a large poster, or some intriguing viral campaign, this movie has opted for a truly in-your-face method of advertising by creating a visual representation of the Loch Ness monster using a giant water screen.

I can only say so much, it has to be seen to be believed, so here's a YouTube video of our old Nessie in action:

I've no idea what they're saying in the video, but The Water House is scheduled for UK release on February 8th. If they do a similarly super-cool promotion on the River Thames, I might just be persuaded to go see it.

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