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A look at the financial habits of 23,000 rugby fans

by Parm Mann on 24 January 2008, 12:09

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Leicester supporters love their technology

In an effort to get to know its customers better, Barclays Bank has carried out a survey on no less than 23,000 rugby fans in England. Not sure if Barclays are trying to tell us that all their customers are rugby fans, but anyhow...

The survey has found some very interesting, and rather amusing, information. It turns out that our nation's rugby fans are big spenders, shelling out £4,339 per year on fashion - yes, fashion! That's not all they like to spend money on either, rugby fans are said to be keen on entertainment and media, with a preference to shop online.

The survey encompassed fans of the 12 Premiership clubs in November and December 2007 and revealed:

  • Rugby fans spend £263 more each year at off-licenses than Premier League football fans.

  • Sale fans are proud home owners, they spend £91 each month on DIY and over £364 each month at the supermarket. Not to mention an annual spend of £1,139 on menswear.

  • Newcastle fans, as you'd expect, spend the most on jewellery, £113 a month for that extra touch of bling.

  • Fans of the Wasps do things differently, opting to shop online where they spend over £560 each year.

  • Gloucester fans are most in tune with the music world, spending £31 a month at music stores.

  • Leicester fans are said to be tech-savvy and spend over £86 a month on computers.

  • Full of Christmas spirit, Harlequins fans spent more on Christmas gifts than any other supporters with £220.

  • The kindest of the lot, Worcester fans, topped the charitable table and donated over £500 to good causes.

Though we're in no position to question Barclay's surveying methods, one has to wonder. Tech-savvy people supporting Leicester? Now I've heard it all.

Rugby fans in our HEXUS forums, how do you feel about the survey? Does it tie in with your spending habits? Share your thoughts in the HEXUS community.

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Imagine the sponsorship potential! Looks like Jewsons are missing their audience by sponsoring Gloucester.

The Premiership have got it right by neing sponsored by Guinness but the teams may need a rethink:

Gloucester (Jewson) should be HMV, or iTunes?!
Sale (McAfee) should be Jewsons
Newcastle (Northern Rock) should be Elizabeth Duke at Argos!
Leicester (Bradstone) should be Intel, Apple, Dell, etc. HEXUS maybe?
Wasps (Magners) should be Dabs
Worcester (nPower) should be Red Cross or Oxfam
Harlequins (Etihad) probably need to be Hamleys.
Question is what about other sides… ?

Maybe some ex Teams?
Northampton? What do they spend their money on?

Also -