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Save money and buy your Christmas tree in January!

by Parm Mann on 3 January 2008, 14:06

Tags: Tesco (LON:TSCO)

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Tesco offering up to 75% off all Christmas lights, trees and decorations

It's just a little bit early to start planning for Christmas 2008, but where savings are concerned, it can never be too early.

If you really want to plan ahead and save a tidy sum, now just so happens to be an opportune moment to buy all your Christmas decorations for 2008. Tesco Direct is offering up to 75% off a selection of Christmas trees, lights and decorations. You can pick up a variety of 6ft trees for less than £10!

According to the Tesco website, the promotion ends on Sunday March 9th so if you do feel it's still a little too early, you could wait a month or two. Might be an idea to wait until you've taken down the old tree at least.

Source: Tesco Direct

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Cracking! :)

Might be worth going non real next year… :)
Asda are selling off the wrapping as well for 5p a roll.

Oh and their chocolates and truffles have been reduced as well.
'tis still the season to be jolly! :)
Yeah, but when your still getting mince pies in summer like I do it all gets a bit too much really.
We got our crackers for Christmas Dinner ‘07 in January last year, they were big fancy ones for about £2, only issue was they ddint seem to bang after being in a cupboard all year - could’ve just been conicidental though!