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Severe weather warning issued for January 3rd

by Parm Mann on 2 January 2008, 15:23

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Time to check the anti-freeze is topped up

Snowfall is expected throughout much of the UK on Thursday and with it plenty of disruptions are sure to follow.

Issued earlier today, the Met Office has provided the following warning of heavy snow and severe weather:

"As cold air sets in across the country the Met Office is expecting a spell of snow on Thursday and at first on Friday. Two separate areas of snow are expected. The snow affecting eastern Scotland and Northumbria will be more persistent and heavy leading to 10-20 cm accumulations on high ground, and 5 cm or so on lower ground, though rain is more likely close to coasts. This is expected to cause disruption to travel networks especially across higher level routes. Lighter snow is expected further south, which will turn to rain later. Here, there is some uncertainty about how much snow there will be, though latest estimates suggest little, if any, lying snow in most parts, but with the risk of 3- 5 cm over parts of East Anglia and southeast England, as well as on high ground over 100 m elsewhere. Again, this could cause travel disruption, though with lower confidence."

UK regions at risk of disruption between 06:00 Thursday and 06:00 Friday are detailed below:

60% Central, Tayside & Fife
60% SW Scotland, Lothian & Borders
60% Grampian
60% North East England
40% East of England
40% London & South East England
40% East Midlands
20% North West England
20% Yorkshire & Humber
20% Orkney & Shetland
20% Wales
20% Strathclyde
20% South West England
20% Highlands & Eilean Siar
20% West Midlands

If you'll be travelling tomorrow, take a look at the Met Office's guide on "what to do in severe weather".

Meanwhile, the Highways Agency is on stand-by for freezing temperatures and recommends drivers take care on the roads as cold conditions are expected across many parts of England. In a press release issued on its website, the Agency states "Drivers are advised to carry warm clothing and an emergency pack in the car, which includes food and water, boots, de-icer, a torch and a spade. Plan your journey before leaving home and make sure you have plenty of fuel for your journey. Check your route for delays, and the weather forecast. Listen to travel news on your car radio or tune into the Agency's Traffic Radio, which is available on DAB Digital Radio".

It also reminds drivers that "It can take ten times longer to stop when it is icy, so allow more room to slow down and stop. Avoid losing control of your vehicle because of wheel spin, by using the highest gear possible. Avoid sudden braking, acceleration and sharp turns."

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Met Office
Highways Agency

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