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The best extension-cable in the world?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 7 January 2008, 17:56

Tags: Kreative Power

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The best innovation is usually the simplest.

A case in point is innovation in what many of you might consider to be a boring sector: the gang-lead.

The folks over at Kreative Power have come up with this novel solution to your plug worries. The easy-to-grip, cone-shaped plug-multiplier offers easy access to any of your mains adapters, and the robust design makes it simpler to add/remove plugs without risking losing power.

We also like the fact that the power button is concealed underneath a plastic covering, stopping inadvertent switching. Further, there's a built-in surge-protector, too.

Retailing at around $20 and suitable for US plugs right now, we hope to see it in European and UK forms soon. Technology can be simple, and the Kreative Power adapter is certainly that.

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That'd certainly make tidying PC leads a lot easier, wrap 'em around the base and feed into one cable tidier.
The number of times I've switched off my PC inadvertently with my feet… the switch cover is certainly a welcome idea.