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Probably the best audio socket in the world!

by Nick Haywood on 6 June 2007, 18:20

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Something tells me they totally meant it...

Computex 2007Aww, isn't it sweet, a cute little piggy that's a radio and doubles up as speakers for your PC.

Look at his cute little snout with the speakers inside…

And his cute little piggy ears which you push to swap between speakers or radio.

You can even twirl his cute little piggy tail to adjust the volume…

Click for larger image

Hang on, where do you plug in the audio cable from your PC?

Click for larger image

Oh come on! Who the hell thought of sticking a hole there?

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Oh come on! Who the hell thought of sticking a hole there!
ahahaha :mrgreen:
ROFL! That's awesome! I need one!
Shouldn't that spot be for sound output, I'd have put the input on the front.
Well I suppose they made a right pig's arse out of that then…