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Project Canvas reaches out to hardware makers

by Scott Bicheno on 11 August 2010, 14:46

Tags: BBC, Project Canvas

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Completing the canvas

Project Canvas, the open standard for Internet TV championed by the BBC, has invited hardware manufacturers to formally express their interest in making Canvas-compatible devices.

OEMs have until 5pm on 25 August to submit their application become device partners to No details regarding the criteria by which applications will be successful or otherwise.

"Canvas is stepping up its engagement with industry as we get closer to releasing the final set of technical documents to the DTG [Digital Television Group] this month, and launching a consumer product next year," said Project Canvas director, Richard Halton.

"Bringing on board further consumer equipment manufacturers will ensure people have the widest possible choice of devices and we remain focused on supporting the industry to stimulate a competitive market. We continue to work closely with the DTG to develop common standards for Connected TV."

There are still many obstacles in the way of Project Canvas succeeding, not least the opposition of Virgin Media, which formally complained to both Ofcom and the OFT about the joint venture last week.

And then there's the looming initiatives from tech giants such as Google and, if rumours are to be believed, Apple. Canvas devices will either have to be very good or very cheap to compete in this environment, something prospective hardware partners would do well to bear in mind before applying.


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Think Virgin should get in on Canvas and join it. This is a great project on many levels but also it also is going to offer some real and probably free competition to sky.