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Panasonic showcases 152in ultra-high-definition plasma at CES 2010

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 January 2010, 16:07

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Big-name, recognised television manufacturers often have a competition to see who can showcase the largest working screen at CES 2010.

This year, that honour appears to fall to Panasonic, who had a 152in ultra-high-definition plasma on display.

The behemoth boasts a 4K by 2K resolution - 4,096x 2,160px - and, on the evidence of what we saw, an excellent-quality picture when viewed from 10 feet away.

It's not just about willy-waving, however, as the very size of the screen intimates that Panasonic can build panels of increasing sizes.

Panasonic's representatives, however, were keen to point out that the 3D-compatible model is a strictly show-only display and mass production of this size is years off - we can't see too many people fitting one of these into the bedroom - but it's the first really 'wow' product this hack has seen at CES 2010.

Hands up, who was a living large enough to do it justice?

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Now that's what I call a TV!
Do want!
I want one of those.

But surely though a proper projector 9and set up correctly0 could do a job just as well and probaly a darn sight cheaper
The key difference between a projector and a plasma is when viewing it in daylight. A projector obviously relies on reflected light, so will be effected by the ambient light conditions. Only reflections on the screen will effect a plasma display.

After that it is mainly just an engineering exercise, I can't see them selling many of these :)
There's no way that would fit in my front room. But you know what? I don't care! I still want one!